Pitchfork Quilt Pieces Precut Quilt Kits


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We offer returns, exchanges, and we will ship a missing piece free. We will support our product as long as we continue stocking that fabric, for about 2 years after it is first listed.

Return Requirements

We take careful time arranging our “cut files” for our laser cutter. We first use patterns that are professionally edited and well-regarded in the quilting community. We then cut one kit and have a third party make a quilt top from it and give us feedback. Then we cut to sell to the public. Our process of making electronic files that our laser cutter follows creates the exact number of pieces one quilt kit needs, no more, no less, so we know your kit has exactly every piece included. We are positive you can buy with confidence in our product. We guarantee every piece is there and cut without blemish.

If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with your kit, or if a piece is missing, let us know and we will ship a missing piece, offer an exchange, or refund. We will work hard to make it right. This will be handled case by case. Buyer will be responsible for sending pictures. Buyer will communicate the issue.

Buyer is responsible for buying kits at their skill level. Returns will not be honored for purchasing at an inappropriate skill level.

Buyer is responsible for all modern quilting techniques requiring additional cutting. These kits are precut. However, for example, patterns may require 8-at-a-time HST, or multiple flying geese at a time. These are accepted common practices in modern quilting that many patterns require and which requires additional cutting with a rotary cutter. Customers are responsible for all additional cutting like the afore described. Customers who shouldn’t use a rotary cutter should ask a friend to do this subsequent cutting and squaring up. Pitchfork Quilt Pieces will not be responsible for the additional cutting. Pitchfork Quilt Pieces will not accept returns of quilt kits that are partially assembled then abandoned due to additional cutting required. Returns will not be honored because buyer didn’t understand the kit required cutting along the way according to the pattern’s techniques.

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